Peaches and Cream

The variety of ways to use and eat peaches seems almost endless from peach pies and cobblers to ice cream to all sorts of libations, and the list goes on. But what is the best way to enjoy the sheer intensity of the peach uninhibited by other ingredients and flavors? Most combinations may feature the peach, but the purity of the peach is modified and blended. Of course, with less than perfectly ripe and flavorful peaches, those other ingredients might cover the imperfect taste. Granted, you may say “just eat the peach by itself, that is the best way, and there is nothing better.” Indeed, there are few more delightful experiences than the joyous bite into the ripe peach that results in juice running down the chin.

But how do you combine with other ingredients to highlight the peach in both sight and taste? Why peaches and cream! Actually, cream may be a bit too rich, but it definitely fits the bill. On a regular basis, I prefer peaches and whole milk. The color of the peach stands out against the white milk and the peach flavors become even more pronounced against the background of the rather bland taste of milk. Any “milk” would do—almond, soy, even coconut, or skim or 2% milk, though I prefer plain whole milk and its nutritional benefits to boot. What if you desire more substance? I have found that plain or slightly salted rice is a great addition. I enjoy rice and milk by itself with agave sweetener, but the still rather bland combination with the peaches as the sweet ingredient instead of agave really highlights the character of the peach in all its color, its flavor, and its texture. Another possibility is a plain cereal like shredded wheat, or dare I even say grits (I’ve not tried that yet). In any case, the peach is the absolute headliner in all of these combos.

The other day I “adulterated” my peaches and heavy cream with another August fruit in my yard, fresh figs. Let me tell you, it was over the top good and neither fruit took away from the other. I did not want it to end. Fortunately for the next several weeks I have plenty of both. Thank you, Lord, for the provisions and delight you bring each day to us in the midst of an uncertain world.

2 thoughts on “Peaches and Cream

  1. It is a wonderful time in your neighborhood. Won’t you be my neighbor? Your stories make my mouth water and joy to my taste buds. My refrigerator is never without a peach during the season


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