Painter Woodworking

Beautiful Design. Built for Life.

Solid wood furniture for home and office custom made for you and your needs.

Most furniture today is generalized for what sells and built with materials geared to cutting costs rather than a life-time and more of use. Jackson Painter designs and builds furniture to meet the particular needs of the individual in consultation with the customer. Every featured piece can be tailored in size and features for any function or environment. The woods are purchased from a local hardwood supplier and built with traditional woodworking techniques and joinery. The results are useful, beautiful, and lasting.

 Beauty, functionality, and innovation are three words that describe the work that Jack Painter has done for us.

Jack designed and built from scratch a beautiful functional dining table that has a cool trick! It has a leaf that doubles the size of the table when we want to turn our countertop and table into a long buffet.

Jack also designed and constructed innovative railings for our staircase. The railings are actually a cap on a descending wall that lends the stairs a beauty and functional simplicity they never had before.

A custom-made bookcase, a standing work desk, and a spice rack round out the work that Jack has done for us. Everything is done to your specifications with his skill and attention to detail.

Jack is the man for the job

Bill Griffin

Featured Pieces

Therapeutic Sand Tray Table

Custom Designed and Built Sand tray for use in counseling settings. Designed in consultation with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Horizontal Kitchen Knife Block

Custom Kitchen Knife Block using woods of choice and configuration of choice.

Solid Wood Dog Crate

Furniture grade pet crate customized to size of dog.

Multi-use Table

Custom Designed table for multiple applications. Ideal for a side table with hidden storage, especially concealed weapons, as a lift-top writing desk, or a sand-filled play table.

Funerary Urn

Wood urn designed and constructed to the specific needs of the family and burial site.

Tables, beds, bookshelves…

What are your furniture needs? I may be able to help. See the gallery below for various pieces I have made.

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