Therapeutic Sand Tray Table

Heirloom Grade Sand Tray Table for Counselors

Sand trays for counseling situations, both children and adults, have become common in counseling offices as effective aids for therapy. Often these are simple wood or plastic trays filled with sand used on the floor or on some sort of stand. But they often do not fit with the rest of the office decor. I was asked by a local counselor to build a sand tray table as a beautiful and lasting piece of furniture that could also function as a small writing desk. The result was a gorgeous piece that can stand the rigors of day in and day out use (and abuse) by children. The table pictured above is cherrywood with a number of special details including tapered legs, sculpted top edges, decorative nails, doweled tenons. The table can be the basic design below or add numerous details that add interest and individuality.

Basic features:

Sand Tray –External dimensions 30 in. long by 20 in. wide by 4 in. deep with light blue water resistent painted interior. Mitered corners with reinforcing joinery.

Base–27 inches long by 17 inches wide and 25 inch tall legs; legs 1.5 in square; aprons 3 in wide. Mortise and tenon joinery.

Top–31 inches long by 21 inches wide. Removable.

Oak or alder with baltic birch plywood tray bottom.

Entire piece stained with stain of choice, then varnished with three coats of clear shellac and waxed. Stain shown is Minwax Sedona Red.

Additional options:


Sculpted top edge

Decorative nails

Tapered legs

Doweled tenons

Distressing of wood

Mission style with slats on sides (no example shown). Oak recommended.

Other details as requested.


Basic table $750. Example shown at top of page $1500 includes top.


Variable depending on location via UPS or FedEx. Free local delivery.

Time to delivery:

Variable depending on order cue and custom elements. An estimated delivery date will be given upon order.

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