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10 Reasons I Love the Powermatic 8″ Jointer (60HH)

After two decades of flattening and jointing wood by hand or with various edge jointing techniques using a router or table saw, I finally threw down the cash for a jointer. The Wen planer I purchased several years ago, though not the beefiest planer in the world, does its job—but often after hours of flattening…

Salon Towel Cabinet Project

Hair salons use lots of towels. Clean towels need to be stored in an easy-to-access place. Towel storage takes up space. I am not sure, but I expect most if not all hair salons have the same issues with towel storage. The place my wife goes for her hair certainly does. When one of the…

My Favorite Tools: Sharpening with Dia-Sharp Bench Stones

When is a tool sharp enough? Over the years, I have realized that what I thought was sharp at one time simply doesn’t produce the quality of what I want or need today.  For power tools, there is a balance in the level of sharpness because of the nature of the cutting edge. Most carbide…

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