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Another Whole 30

A couple of years ago, I was feeling lethargic and a few pounds over the weight I felt best at. I’ve never been one to try diets, save for simple calorie counting (for actual weight loss, no matter what the diet, less caloric intake with respect to calories burned is the only way). I wasContinue reading “Another Whole 30”

O Lordy

A few days ago I was reading Psalm 8 during my devotion and contemplating the opening words, “O LORD, our Lord” in the ESV (English Standard Version) I was using. I wondered whether this phrase was used anywhere else, so I did a search in my Bible program, Accordance, and a Pandora’s Box opened up.Continue reading “O Lordy”


Sometime around second or third grade, my family got a puppy we named Patty. She was a mutt, some collie mix with long hair but short and squatty. I was the designated feeder. Patty was fun to have around, but I am not sure I ever truly bonded with her. When we first move toContinue reading “Max”


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