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Mannie Mania

When the breeder brought Mannie to us on December  30, he was around 11 weeks old and just shy of 12 pounds, a little large for a Mini Aussie of that age, but he was the largest of his litter. As the weeks went by he was adding ½ pound a day some days. WeContinue reading “Mannie Mania”

Whole 30 + 30

Thirty days have passed. On March 3 my third iteration of the Whole 30 ended; the question was how would the month afterwards (and going forward) show change to old habits or reversion to the means of the past. I am happy to say that one month on, some good things appear to be inContinue reading “Whole 30 + 30”

Another Whole 30

A couple of years ago, I was feeling lethargic and a few pounds over the weight I felt best at. I’ve never been one to try diets, save for simple calorie counting (for actual weight loss, no matter what the diet, less caloric intake with respect to calories burned is the only way). I wasContinue reading “Another Whole 30”


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