Amazing Word Amazing Life

Today is the first day of a reimagining of an old blog. In a new site, new domain, with new and old topics, I will bring two broad themes to bear: God’s Word and God’s creation. These themes are intimately connected to my life mission: “To celebrate God’s handiwork in the light of God’s word.” At some point I will elaborate on this mission, but at this point the statement itself will suffice. This blog will have posts on the Bible (and theology) as well as aspects of life I enjoy, such as travel, kayaking, gardening, woodworking, hiking, birding and a host of other outdoor activities. One particular frame of reference I will bring to many of the posts on the Bible will be the mimetic theory of René Girard. I hope that readers will develop in their understanding of the human condition and our need for God as a result. I will occasionally right primer posts on Girard’s theory. My screen name “scandalprof” owes to my appreciation for Girard. I trust all of my musings will be of interest and even meaning for you as we all seek to navigate this life together.

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